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RPSMA low loss antenski kabl RP-SMA(m) na RP-SMA(m) dužine 0,5m

Šifra proizvoda: 8555

MP Cena sa PDV: 1.270,00
Prodajna cena1.270,00
Osnovna cena1.058,33
Iznos PDV-a211,67

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Flex-guide super low loss cable assembly

A super low loss RPSMA cable for superior connection quality, suited for indoor and outdoor use, this cable provides superior matching and loss values.
The name of this cable comes from combining the words "flexible" and "waveguide", to denote the high end features of this product.
The inner conductor is silver plated copper, and both connectors are soldered, not crimped, for the best possible signal quality. Ideally suited for our BaseBox and other products with
RPSMA connectors, and works with most antennas.

RPSMA: Soldered on both ends
Inner conductor: Silver plated copper
Frequency: up to 6 GHz
Total signal loss at 6GHz: 0.59 (Includes connectors. See chart for details)
Matching: Better than -20dB
Suited for: outdoor use
Cable length: 500mm
Outer diameter: 4.2mm
Min. Bending radius static: 8mm
Min. Bending radius repeated: 40mm
Operating temperature: -55 to 125C

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