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Komplet alata za instalatere kablovske TV (PK-5016)

Šifra proizvoda: 6178

MP Cena sa PDV: 24.310,00
Prodajna cena24.310,00
Osnovna cena20.258,33
Iznos PDV-a4.051,67

Proizvod trenutno nije u maloprodaji a dostupan je, možete ga slobodno poručiti i dobićete odmah odgovor ili pozovete 011/213 55 20 ili pošaljete email sa upitom na, ili Roba može biti u centralnom magacinu, na carini, nije ažurirano stanje na sajtu ili je rezervisana.
CATV/Telecom Installers Kit

PK-5016 is a professional tool kit contains the most essential tools, such as cable tester, crimpers, strippers, cutters, multifunction connector tools and screwdrivers to satisfy installation and maintenance job in CATV/Telecom field.

PK-5016 contents
- 1PK-H026 Adjustable Wrench 6"
- CP-316 Adjustable Compression Tool
- CP-509 Coaxial Stripping Tool
- DK-2047N Electrician's Scissors
- PD-998 Electrician's Knife (190mm)
- 1PK-051DS Dual Color Lineman's Plier (205mm)
- CP-148 Telecom Combi-Crimper/Plier
- 1PK-H078 Probe-Pic Spudger
- CP-3001D Precision Wire Stripper
- SR-228 Copper Clad Steel Coaxial Cable Cutter
- HW-T716-3 7/16" Preset Torque Spanner
- 1PK-CT007 Double End Socket Can Wrench (180mm)
- MS-2304 CATV Locking Terminator Tool
- MT-7058 Mini Lan Cable Tester
- MS-2204 F 4" F Connector Install/Remove Tool
- 8PK-325B Round Cable Slitting And Ringing Tool (4.5-25mm)
- MS-3207 Advanced 3 in 1 Connector tool
- FL-506 LED Flashlight
- CP-336F Lunar Crimp Frame Only (220mm)
- 1PK-3003D10 RG-59/6/8281 Die Set
- 1PK-SD006 6 In 1 Magnetic Quick Change Screwdriver
- ST-13S Tool Bag with Shoulder Strap
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