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Merač razdaljine laserski do 60m, LCD ekran, IP54 (NT-8560)

Šifra proizvoda: 7179

MP Cena sa PDV: 8.570,00
Prodajna cena8.570,00
Osnovna cena7.141,67
Iznos PDV-a1.428,33


Laser Distance Measurer(60M)

Ideal for measuring factory layout, facilities safety area, trench depth, roof area for solar, building maintenance, ceilings maintenance, road works, water level, sheet rock measurement.

Outdoor / Indoor use
Complies with IP54 rated as dust-protection and spray-poof

Extra side key
One touch extra side key for using easily and quickly

Integrated multi-measuring functions
Area, Volume, Pythagorean measurement allows easy measuring in any different applications

LCD display
Comes with large LCD display with backlight allows for data reading in dark areas

Fold-out extension
At bottom provides more convenient with reference point
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